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Ultimate Vitality Gift Guide: Savings inside!

Ultimate Vitality Gift Guide: Savings inside!

Comfort+Joy: The Vitality Gift Guide 

This season, take comfort and joy in all Vitality has to offer! Whether giving the gift of self-care to a loved one or a unique item for a colleague, giving yourself a rejuvenating boost before hosting or plain and simply treating yourself for the holidays, there is something here for everyone on your list. 

Gifts Under $100


*Ideal for a White Elephant gift or your kid’s teacher.

This pink bubble realm soy wax candle is equal parts art and scent! Smells fresh and amazing and the glass can be reused once you’ve completed burning.


*Ideal for friend, colleague or candle-obsessed loved one.

Soy wax with our signature Vitality scent will envelope you with notes of frosted fir needles, white eucalyptus and sandalwood. Like bringing a Christmas tree into your home! This artfully crafted vessel is designed for upcycling once burned and useful for any sort of jewelry or trinkets. 


*Ideal for the teenager, the simplistic man or the avid fitness fanatic in your life.

Pads soaked in quality ingredients including glycolic acid to remove dead skin and salicylic acid to target oil and breakouts will leave your face or body polished, resurfaced and clear. The combination of acids and nutrients ensure the complexion is balanced and happy without over-drying.


*Ideal for the outdoorsy relative or sun protection devotee.

This light-weight yet ultra-hydrating tinted SPF moisturizer melts into the skin and leaves a glowy, dewy (but not greasy) finish. It’s chemical-free and chock full of antioxidants, caffeine, B vitamins and SPF50 minerals. Can be worn with or without makeup, does not leave a white cast. Give a few minutes for full set and absorption. (Tint usually not recommended for deeper skin tones.)


*Ideal for the skincare junkie in your life.

All is calm…all is bright. This serum is perfect to have on hand for any time your face needs some immediate TLC. Whether it be extreme dryness, acne, a sunburn, eczema…when your skin needs help, this superfood serum comes to the rescue! Packed with hydrators, anti-inflammatory and calming ingredients, protective antioxidants, vitamin C and clarifying abilities, this is sure to strengthen, heal and get your skin back in shape.


*Ideal for your aging-preventative 20 or 30 something loved one or friend’s group gift exchange.

What doesn’t a good vitamin C serum do? It’s protective, anti-aging and it’s brightening. But this proprietary Vitality blend is even more! With nourishing and hydrating additives, this super C powerhouse is a potent 20% L-ascorbic acid with niacinamide for maximum glowy, protective and collagen-stimulating benefit without dryness or irritation. Wear daily as a protective armor under your SPF and watch your complexion radiate!

Gifts $100-$200


*ideal for anyone who appreciates a beautiful multifaceted moisturizer. Wifey? MIL? Nanna? World’s Best Boss?

Walk into a winter wonderland of hydration! This proprietary blend of ingredients does a little bit of everything. It has hyaluronic and ceramides to plump and hydrate, collagen-boosting, wrinkle-reducing technology through peptides, niacinamide and apple stem cells, as well as protective antioxidants like resveratrol and green tea. This all results in a supple yet non-greasy finish that restores and repairs your skin’s barrier. Great for all skin types and conditions.


*ideal for the skin-savvy BFF or S.O. who’s looking for a boost.

This isn’t your typical retinoid. Pure, potent retinol is married with nourishing and protective antioxidants to provide all the beautiful results of retinol without the redness and irritation. Bakuchiol oil boosts the retinol effect while calming the skin with the help of antioxidants like caffeine, green tea polyphenols and licorice root to brighten. Reduce fine lines, discoloration, acne, blackheads, and texture for the most radiant complexion! (Insider tip: Start slow and be consistent. This stuff packs a punch!)

Gifts $200+


*ideal for the skincare aficionado who loves an advanced gogo-gadget.

Light Stim is a multi-wave patented technology that has 4 different wavelengths of LED that penetrate the dermis deeper than your average home device. These lights stimulate collagen, reduce wrinkles, reduce redness, inflammation and bacteria as well as help penetrate serums into the skin. FDA-cleared and safe for all. Purchase comes with Light Stim serum, mask and travel bag.

GIFT CARD, varies

The perfect catch-all, can be used towards facials, products, ok, anything we offer under our roof! Works for anyone, including yourself!


Get the benefits of our Glazed Donut Facial and a Lip Flip with Botox, one of our most popular enhancements!


*Guide was compiled by Esthetician Katie Verboom

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