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We are thrilled to offer Morpheus8 - an incredible rejuvenating treatment that combines microneedling and radiofrequency to transform the skin on a very deep level. Not only can it contour the jawline, it also is renowned for tightening skin in bothersome areas like around the eyes, and retexturing the skin!

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It’s a solution for an incredibly wide range of concerns, from wrinkles and acne scars to cellulite and unwanted fat accumulation. It’s the deepest-penetrating microneedling technology, so it has an impact far beneath the top layers of the skin.
The combination of microneedling and energy from the radiofrequency remodels the proteins in the skin, to increase collagen production and constricts fat tissue. If you’re curious to learn more about the potential of Morpheus8 for the face or body, you’ve come to the right place. 

Common areas we utilize Morpheus8 at Vitality Aesthetics are:
  • Around the eyes
  • Anywhere with skin laxity (looseness)
  • Jowls
  • Enlarged pores
  • Jawline and under the chin
  • Full face resurfacing
  • Anywhere acne scars are bothering you
  • Any areas of unwanted fat or lack of contour
  • Areas of excessive sweating, like underarms

Will I need multiple sessions?
Morpheus is typically done in a series of 3 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart. This depends on what concerns you are looking to treat and how quickly your body responds. 
How long is a Morpheus treatment visit? 
Depending on your treatment areas and concerns 1-2 hours is needed. 
What is the downtime like after Morpheus?
It’s important to take care of your skin as directed for 1-2 days after treatment. After then, you may wear makeup and may experience redness for a few days. Results appear as your skin is remodeled from within! 
I heard Morpheus will melt my facial fat and I’ll look older.
Morpheus treatment is highly customizable, and fat remodeling only occurs at very specific settings and depths. If fat reduction is desired, your Vitality provider can make this a part of the treatment plan. 
I heard Morpheus is painful, what does Vitality do to approach that?
We offer a variety of methods to help make Morpheus a tolerable and even comfortable experience - if you’re our patient you know - this has always been of utmost importance to us! 
After session 1 (patient will do 3 in total) Morpheus8 for under chin contour and fat reduction.
Please text or call us at 619-329-2449 or book a consultation here