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Botox or Dysport injections help minimize and soften facial lines and wrinkles caused from sun exposure, heredity, stress, and aging. We treat various areas such as frown lines, crows feet, forehead lines, bunny lines, lip lines, naso-labial folds (smile lines) and underarms. These injections are an extremely popular and safe way to smooth lines in the face.

For a consultation or treatment, please call us at 619-329-2449 or click Book Now at the top of the page. 

Movements in these areas cause etched lines that get more stubborn with time. Patients start to notice that they look like they are tired, frowning, or they notice that their makeup will cake in the lines. ⁣

Prevention is key to a soft, refreshed look. ⁣

Age is not a factor as to when you “should” start getting Botox injections. ⁣

Advanced techniques such as the Lip Flip and Brow Lift can be achieved by our expert injectors.

In the Botox brow lift, small doses can be artistically placed at the tail of the eyebrows to lift its position, opening the eye and lifting the brow.

If you have more gum showing when you smile than you desire, tiny doses of Botox can be used to remove the gummy smile. Sometimes, your goals for your smile will require more than Botox. Often these patients will benefit from dermal fillers to add volume or definition, in addition to the Botox.

Facial slimming can also be achieved with Botox injections. In this technique, overgrown or hypertrophied jaw muscles are slimmed with injections. As a result, the lower face is slimmed and the jawbone’s natural structure is revealed. This treatment is also helpful for reducing discomfort associated with migraines, TMJ, teeth grinding, and clenching. To have a consultation for this treatment, please browse our availabilities here



Is there anyone who cannot receive Botox?

We do not perform the procedure if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have a skin infection at the injection site or have had an allergic reaction to any ingredients found in Botox in the past.

Is there any differences between Dysport, Xeomin, and Botox?

We use the brand that fits your concerns. These brands all have the same active ingredient that relaxes facial muscles. They are manufactured differently. Ask your provider what is recommended in consultation. Dysport is $4.50 per unit and Xeomin is $13 per unit at our office. Total price depends on your goals and your anatomy aka how severe is your wrinkling! You can do a consultation for exact pricing and get treatment in the same visit! 

What should I expect when I come for my Botox appointment?

A Botox consultation including the procedure takes about twenty minutes to complete.

You may begin to notice results within 24 to 48 hours for moderate to severe frown lines, with results lasting up to 4 months. Most patients see results on day three and full results on post-procedure day seven to ten. If you find that you want more in a treated area, it’s best to wait two weeks before coming in for more.

Treatment with Botox requires minimal downtime. You will be able to go about your normal routine right after your visit. 

The longer a patient has been receiving Botox injections, the less Botox they may require. This is because the treated muscles decrease in size from inactivity and small muscles require less Botox than large muscles. Consistency will result in needing less and less product over time. First-time Botox patients typically see results that last four months. 

Can I get Botox before a special event?

It is recommended that you schedule an appointment at least 1-2 weeks before your special event. This way your results will have time to show.




Before and after Botox
Before and after Botox
Before and after Botox Treatment
Before and after Botox treatment