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Your First Visit

We’re excited that you will be visiting us! One of the most common questions we get is can you get a treatment in the same visit as your consult. If you want to get a treatment at the same visit as your consultation, we’ve got you covered!  We always set aside enough time for you to get a thorough consultation, and get a treatment in the same visit.  Here are a few pointers that have helped our newbies over the years. When you come in to the office, you’ll be greeted by our front desk coordinators and asked to complete a few consent forms. They may take photos and offer you a beverage. Then the fun and excitement of the consultation can begin!
Here are a few things to remember as well:
  • Drink lots of water a few days prior to your appointment, and have a healthy meal before you come in to the office. 
  • Take over-the-counter arnica tablets two days before and after treatment, these can help reduce bruising, especially if you plan to get filler treatment. 
  • Come with a clean face and your hair pulled back.
  • Don’t arrive with a spray tan or fresh suntan for any laser treatments, such as hair removal or IPL photofacial 
  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours before your treatment.
  • It’s best to avoid blood thinners like Aleve, Ibuprofen, fish oil, and Vitamin E for several days prior to treatment.

Even still, a bruise can happen at your injection site but DON’T FRET; we offer a complimentary laser treatment the next day that helps the healing process. Just ask.

To check available consultation times, click here. Give us a call if you have additional questions, at 619-329-2449.