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Forma is a no-downtime treatment that uses radio-frequency to induce an immediate firming and skin tightening effect. 



In the short term, Forma provides a mild but noticeable, immediate firming and tightening effect, so it’s perfect before any special events. Most patients will notice that their eyebrows and cheeks look refreshed while the area around their jawline and mouth seems firmer and smoother. 

Please text or call us at 619-329-2449 for assistance. We offer free virtual consultations or in-office consultations with same day treatment!

After a series of multiple treatments, your skin will look significantly firmer, tighter, and more youthful. What’s even better – you can expect these results to last! Think of it as a maintenance treatment that happens to feel super luxurious!

Forma is incredibly soothing and relaxing – it feels like getting a hot stone massage!
There is absolutely no downtime – you can return to your normal schedule immediately after the treatment. 

A Forma face treatment is safe and suitable for everyone, no matter your skin type or if you have a tan.

To prepare for Forma, drink plenty of water before treatment and come with clean skin to your appointment! 

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