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About Us

Our mission statement is to deliver safe and effective treatments that improve skin health, reduce signs of aging, and enhance confidence. Inclusivity, excellence, and kindness are our core values.
Kristen Shkhaidem, NP, is a nationally board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in aesthetic medicine.

She completed her training at the University of Tennessee, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Masters of Science in Nursing. Kristen believes that everyone deserves to look and feel their absolute best. She has performed thousands of aesthetic procedures and loves to see her patients' confidence grow. Click here to see Kristen's availabilities.


When not working, Kristen can be found on a hiking trail outside of the city, enjoying Little Italy, or at Del Mar dog beach with her two pups, a maltipoo and a Belgian Malinois. 


Favorite treatment? Filler is liquid gold! From giving the lips a boost to defining the cheeks and jaw, it's my favorite facial balancing tool. I love to surprise patients and let them know exactly how I've used filler myself!

Favorite products? Vitality Dream Cream, because I put my heart and soul into it! It benefits everyone's skin - literally, and is so well tolerated. It's a ceramide-rich moisture cream that has been a HUGE help to my dry skin! Line Refine Serum is a top favorite of mine as well because it's such a nourishing answer to retinoids! Lately, I've become a huge fan of Skinbetter's Detox Scrub mask, it's gentle enough to give me the perfect exfoliation! 

Biggest vice? Binge-worthy reality shows, but not the new ones. I'm talking about the 2001 season of Amazing Race or the original Survivor. Hint: check Hulu.

Katie Duncan, BSN, RN

Katie graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Colorado State University. She is currently working towards completing her Master’s at Pacific College to transition into the role of a Nurse Practitioner. She is deeply passionate about individualized, whole-person care and specializes in aesthetics with a holistic approach.She has a deep-found passion for utilizing nursing as a conduit to provide meaningful service to her patients. Katie’s mission encompasses modalities for aging radiantly and proactively empowering individuals to discover self-love, self-confidence and self-esteem to experience a richer life in their beautiful bodies.


When not working, Katie loves riding her bike along the coast, baking and painting.


Favorite treatment? Microneedling with PRP. This creates our most radiant glow and maintains the longevity of our skin heath.

Biggest vice? Espresso is my favorite delicacy. So yummy!

Click here to see Nurse Katie's Availabilities 

Alle Costantino, RN

Alle is a San Diego native who obtained her Associate of Science in Nursing from San Diego City College and Bachelor of Science from San Diego State University.  She is passionate in approaching your aesthetic journey from a holistic view to ensure all features flow in harmony. 

She enjoys educating patients of their options and tailoring treatments with respect to their individual anatomy. The goal is enhancement of your natural beauty!


The Fun Stuff

When not working, Alle can be found at hot yoga, trying the newest foodie spots with friends, or planning her next international trip.


Favorite Treatment?

Toxins and filler! I love using these modalities to enhance your individual features and give you that extra confidence boost. There’s no better feeling than handing your patient the mirror and seeing them smile from ear to ear.


Biggest vice?

Candles and re-runs of Sex and the City… team Mr. Big.

Click here to see Alle's availabilities.

Katie Verboom, Licensed Aesthetician

Katie Verboom is a licensed aesthetician with a Masters Esthetics certification since 2010 with a focus on corrective skincare for acne and pigmentation utilizing various modalities as well as over a decade experience in brow design.

Beauty and wellness has been her passion from a very early age so it seemed natural to make it her profession. Throughout her career she has expanded her knowledge in day spas, resorts/hospitality and finally into the medical realm. With a wide range of skills and experience under her belt she loves and values sharing this passion with her clientele through education and specialized care. 

With Katie, focus on the client/therapist relationship is of the utmost importance for long-game outcomes. Together you will utilize results-oriented treatments and thoughtfully-curated skincare plans to ensure your skin wellness journey is beautiful as ever!  



When Katie isn’t working, she can be found cozy at home with her family and her pets watching genre films, deep-diving into music, playing board games, and cooking up some yummy vegetarian dishes. A homebody at heart, but she never turns down a foresty nature walk or a fun, scenic road trip excursion! 


FAVORITE Treatment?

Hydrafacial truly is my favorite treatment and has been for several years now because it never fails to deliver! It leaves your complexion squeaky clean like no other while restoring balance and hydration. Like pressing a reset button! Who doesn’t love that?


Hands down, sunscreen will always be at the top of my list. Living in sunny San Diego and forever fearful of the dreaded skin cancer, I am of course a giant fan of all things UV protective. Our Vitality Glowgetter is the perfect blend of skincare & SPF combined. It’s mineral. Not chemical. And it’s tinted for days you want to ditch the makeup but still have natural-looking coverage. 

Another must-have is SkinBetter’s Detoxifying Scrub Mask. It has a scrub element for physical exfoliation. It has gentle acids for an even more thorough clearing of dead skin and oil. And then it has a clay to draw out impurities. All while not over-drying and disrupting the skin’s barrier. Basically 3 product types rolled up into one. Genius!



Besides coffee and matcha? Cat naps…AKA beauty rest!

Click here to see Katie's availabilities.




Alex Roher, MD, Medical Director

After graduating from the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine in 2008, Dr. Alex Roher started his career in medicine as a board-certified anesthesiologist. While he knew his calling was is medicine, he wanted to use his knowledge and skills to help people who wanted to change their lives. In 2013 he opened SDBotox, following his true passion for aesthetics. He is proud to be the medical director for Vitality Aesthetics since 2018!