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Glowgetter SPF

This light-weight yet ultra-hydrating tinted moisturizer with sunscreen melts right into the skin leaving a glowy, dewy (but non-greasy) finish. It’s chock full of so many key ingredients that help armor and nourish the skin and fight the signs of aging when faced with daily environmental impurities such as pollution and damaging UV rays. Compatible with all skin types and most skin tones, Glowgetter is chemical-free, broad spectrum, water/sweat resistant and contains protective antioxidants, caffeine, B vitamins and SPF50 minerals. Can be worn with or without makeup for a more natural finish.


On clean skin, apply at least a pea-size amount of Glowgetter liberally to the face and neck, spreading evenly 15 minutes before sun exposure for full set and absorption. Reapply after swimming, excessive sweating or towel drying. With prolonged sun exposure, reapply every 2 hours for proper protective benefit. Note: a little goes a long way!

See “Aesthetician’s Advice” below for some useful tips and tricks.


  • Zinc Oxide 11%- a mineral used to provide UVA and UVB protection, also soothes and heals the skin and gives a somewhat astringent, antibacterial and antiseptic effect.
  • Titanium dioxide 7.5%- a mineral effective in the protection of UVA/UVB rays works by remaining on the skin’s surface and basically scattering UV light.
  • Hyaluronic acid- aka Sodium Hyaluronate, hyaluronic is highly coveted for its moisture-binding abilities without clogging pores. HA is a bioavailable ingredient or body and skin recognizes and loves. It holds at least 1,000 times its weight in water with every molecule. Like a drink of water for your skin!
  • Vitamin B5- aka Panthenol, B5 is a powerful humectant and emollient that draws moisture to the skin thereby reducing inflammation and keeping the skin barrier stable and in balance.
  • Caffeine- a lesser-known antioxidant, caffeine is great for reducing inflammation, redness and puffiness while also promoting a more youthful appearance by targeting fine lines, wrinkles and brightening the complexion overall.
  • Vitamin E- aka as Tocopheryl Acetate, vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant known for its anti-inflammatory abilities especially with UV exposure.

  • *The minerals in Glowgetter are specifically formulated to be very fine in order to give better product distribution so as not to leave a white cast. A white cast may present itself initially on deeper skin tones but allowing the product to set and absorb for 15 minutes will then reveal its final effect without the cast.


    I’ll admit, while I know first-hand the absolute importance of sunscreen, if I use one that doesn’t feel good on my skin, is too greasy, too chalky or doesn’t work well with my makeup, I’m not wearing it. (At least not on the regular.) But I’m an aesthetician living in sunny San Diego and I’ve had a scary bout of skin cancer already in just my 30s. Sunscreen is non-negotiable! Now that I’ve set the dramatic scene, it’s safe to assume that I am really picky about my sunscreens. The finish, the SPF value, the quality ingredients. It’s all important. I can count on probably only one hand the sunscreens I actually like and use daily and lo and behold, Glowgetter is absolutely one of them. It ticks all the boxes. Think of it more like a daily tinted, anti-aging moisturizer that contains SPF protection. Think of it as a base to your makeup…or to straight up use in place of makeup. In fact, since using Glowgetter I wear far less makeup daily, if at all. It has great natural coverage so you can love your skin more without all the fuss of cakey and sometimes pore-clogging foundations.

    Depending on your preference of application, I apply Glowgetter a number of different ways. When I’m in a hurry, want to keep it simple or wear no makeup, I simply apply it with my fingers and go. But if I want to apply it with my makeup or in place of makeup, I’ll apply with a foundation brush, maybe add a bit of concealer if needed in desired areas (in my case, always my under eyes) and then finish it off by pressing a beauty blender makeup sponge all over to set the pigment in more evenly. The beauty blender is the perfect finishing touch to just give a flawlessly smooth appearance to the face and leave you looking supple and glowy…hence, Glowgetter.

    Everyone should wear a vitamin C facial serum daily before applying sunscreen. The protective benefit when paired together is unparalleled. Plus, vitamin C is incredible at preventing and fading pigmentation, stimulating collagen and neutralizing free radical activity. Like an extra set of armor to shield you from your day and target fine lines and brightening. So apply your favorite vitamin C serum, such as our nourishing Vitality Super C+ Serum before applying your Glowgetter to further amplify that glow and see real changes in your skin long term.



    Clinically tested. Naturally derived. Cruelty free. Gluten free. Fragrance free.  Formaldehyde free. Non-comedogenic. 

    *keep this and all treatment products out of reach of children. 


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