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Daily Renewal Pads

Whether you’re dealing with pesky face and body breakouts or just need a quick ‘n’ easy exfoliating step in your routine, the Daily Renewal Pads are the perfect go-to. Soaked in quality nutrients and ingredients such as pharmaceutical-grade glycolic acid and acne-fighting salicylic acid, the pads work to accelerate the removal of dead skin cells and surface oil without over-drying. Using a few nights a week will result in a more balanced, toned and happy complexion with clearer pores and improvement in skin’s texture.

Each jar includes 60 pads. 


As part of your PM regimen, on cleansed skin, take one Daily Renewal pad and swipe across entire face being mindful of the eye area. Be sure to apply to outer areas around the hairline and the neck area. Bonus points for the décolleté and even your shoulders and back area. Discard used pad. Follow with your favorite serum and nighttime moisturizer. Secure lid to prevent solution from drying out and/or oxidizing.

To avoid any sun sensitivity, remove the solution in your AM regimen with water, a cleanser or with a toner and apply SPF. This will ensure the best results and keep skin protected.

Frequency of application varies from a couple times per week to daily, depending on the person’s skin type and exposure to environmental elements. For most normal/combo skin types, using every other night is sufficient for exfoliation. For thicker, more oily and acneic skin, using every night is recommended for optimal balance. If you’re unsure, ask your skincare professional for guidance on how to use.

Consistency is the key to every good regimen. You will only get the best results by being regular with your routine.


  • Glycolic acid 5%- pharmaceutical-grade AHA and derived from sugar, glycolic acid dissolves the intercellular glue that holds our dead skin together and facilitates the sloughing of excess dead skin cells. Glycolic is known for improving texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and increasing the skin’s natural moisture production.
  • Salicylic acid 2%- a BHA commonly known for its ability to fight excess oil and acne breakouts, salicylic acid is a natural antiseptic with antimicrobial properties that fight bacteria and help with texture.
  • Alcohol-free witch hazel- credited with anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties, witch hazel is known to curb itchiness of formulations, soften skin, and counter the effects of UVA and UVB rays with its anti-free radical activity abilities.
  • Proprietary blend- skin conditioners and natural botanicals to hydrate skin and counteract any dryness.


    The benefits of these pads don’t stop at just the face. You can utilize them for just about any area that is not delicate or sensitive. Here are the many ways they work their magic:

    -They are perfect after a workout session. Just throw them in your gym bag and swipe afterwards to prevent pesky breakouts. Especially helpful if you’re not able to take a shower right away.

    -If you suffer from “bacne” these are phenomenal! The skin on the back is thicker and more resilient than our face so to clear up breakouts, use every night after a shower and stay consistent!

    -If you are subject to keratosis pilaris (tiny acne-like bumps usually on arms, thighs, buttocks) these pads are a must! Again, after a cleansing shower, swipe over affected area daily and watch the condition improve. Consistency is key.

    -If you find that you typically break out around your menstrual period, start using the pads the few nights leading up to your period as a preventative measure.

    -A lot of people don’t think to target skincare around their ears but inside and behind the ears oil and dead skin builds up and can start forming blackheads, especially if you’re already an oily skin type or work out a lot. When you’re using the pads on your face, give a little attention inside and behind the ears as well to reduce congestion.




    Clinically tested. Naturally derived. Not tested on animals. Fragrance free. Dye free. Paraben free. Gluten free. Formaldehyde free. Propylene glycol and hexylene glycol free. Non-comedogenic.



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