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LightStim HandHeld

LightStim destroys acne-causing bacteria, reduces inflammation and promotes circulation through its handheld LED light-therapy devices, which are used and recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aestheticians. Safe for all skin types, LightStim promises a powerful and natural solution via wavelengths that energize cells and stimulate the body's natural renewal processes.

What it is: A powerful and effective device designed to help reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, restore your skin’s youthful appearance and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

Who it's for: All skin types.

What it does: Soothing and painless, this red light therapy device is FDA-cleared to treat wrinkles on your entire face while working to help smooth skin texture, promote even skin tone and ease undereye puffiness. It is suitable for use on your entire face, including your crow's feet, nasal labial folds, jawline and lips. LightStim MultiWave® patented technology simultaneously emits multiple wavelengths of light, which work together to give your skin the nourishment it needs for a more radiant and youthful appearance. Used and recommended by dermatologists and estheticians for over a decade, this device is maintenance-free with no cartridges, LEDs or battery replacement costs.


This is the perfect device to pair with your favorite anti-aging serum and/or sheet mask for maximum product penetration and elevated results. Light Stim literally helps drive those ingredients deeper into the skin so you actually get more out of your home products. 

The ease of use is an absolute plus. Ready to plop down, Netflix and Chill? Plug your Light Stim in, turn your favorite show on and simply hold the device steady to your face. Every 3 minutes you can move on to the next area being mindful not to get light directly in your eyes. Before you know it you’ll be one episode down and one step further into anti-aging selfcare bliss. Day after day, week after week you’ll see more results come to fruition. 

I say this with just about everything because it is so important…consistency is KEY! Sure, Light Stim is beneficial in one go but if you’re really trying to make changes in the skin and have long-term results, you’ve gotta keep a routine. Through repetition, you’ll train your skin kind of like exercise whether it is with this device, with professional treatments or with your at-home products. They’re all meant to get your face in shape and deliver beautiful outcomes in return when you make it a habit. Just have patience and stick with it!