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Mist Me - Antioxidant Toner


  • Green + White Tea- A powerful, highly purified medical-grade antioxidant blend that helps to calm skin while protecting the skin’s delicate barrier against harmful free radical damage.
  • Chamomile Extract- This natural, yet potent medical-grade ingredient soothes and comforts irritated skin while helping to visibly even the appearance of skin tone.
  • Ascorbic Acid- a form of vitamin C that acts as a powerful antioxidant, reducing the appearance of fine lines and discoloration while protecting the skin against free radical damage.
  • Witch Hazel- This ultra-purified, clinical-grade ingredient tones the skin while refining pore size and reducing surface oil.
  • Sea Salt- a mineral from the sea that supports the skin’s natural healing process.


    I feel like among all the products people use and value in their skincare routine, toners have always been pretty under-rated. But for me personally, it is an essential part of my own regimen I just cannot do without. And maybe that just boils down to not knowing exactly what they do or how to use them. And when we’re not in the know on a product, we likely won’t use it or value its importance. 

    Allow me to explain why everyone should have these wonderful elixirs in their arsenal, especially our Vitality favorite, Mist Me.

    First off, the purpose of toners is to help balance the PH in the skin. Things like cleansers and hard tap water can throw that balance off. When that balance is thrown off, it can disrupt the skin barrier and cause a multitude of issues such as dryness, irritation, inflammation, acne and the spread of bacteria. Obviously no one wants that to happen on their face so part of the solution? Tone your skin after cleansing and bring it back into balance. Think of your toner kind of as a reset button. One thing I will say as a skincare professional is having balance and homeostasis in the skin is always the goal. Proper homeostasis means happy skin. Toners are part of making your skin happy!

    Another thing toners do is help to boost your other products you apply after cleansing and toning such as serums and moisturizers. Once you have toned and reset the PH, your skin is in a much better position to receive ingredients and utilize them more effectively. When skin is healthy, happy and in balance it will have an easier time giving you the results you’re seeking with products you’ve likely spent a lot of time and money on. So do yourself and your investment a favor and mist or swipe toner before applying your lotions and potions!

    Now I will say what toner you use for your specific skin type matters. There are all sorts on the market from hydrating to brightening to active and potentially stripping of the barrier. Always see a trusted licensed professional to choose what is appropriate for your skin type and concerns. 

    That being said, here at Vitality we have chosen Mist Me in our line of products because it is all-around beautiful and effective for everyone, even the dry sensitive types. I personally always go for more hydrating and soothing toners for everyday usage, and Mist Me is just that. It’s perfect for anyone’s skin routine. It’s chock full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and contains soothing, hydrating ingredients all while making sure the skin is fully clean and clear of impurities. Mist Me is free of fragrances, gluten and parabens and as with all our products, it is cruelty-free.


    • After cleansing, mist onto the face but I personally like to take a cotton pad and wipe the excess mist away just to make sure I got every bit of impurities and minerals from tap water off my face. Again, kind of like a reset before I proceed with my finishing products. That’s just what I feel like works best for me in my ultra-clean germaphobe skin brain. But simply misting and letting dry is not wrong by any means.
    • Keep Mist Me in your purse, take on a hike or trip outdoors and mist everytime you need a refreshing hydration boost throughout your day.
    • Stick Mist Me in your fridge for an even more refreshing and cooling effect on the skin. Especially great post sun exposure or if you deal with rosacea and other inflammatory skin issues.