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Sclerotherapy After Care Instructions

  • Walk for 30 mins - 1 hour following treatment 
  • Wear your compression stockings day and night for 3 days following treatment, remove them only to shower
  • Some visibility of spider veins will be reduced, but every patient (and every vein) responds uniquely to treatment, so results cannot be guaranteed and it is common for multiple treatments to be needed. You can return at 6-8 weeks for follow up and additional treatment sessions.
  • Some veins may disappear initially after treatment, then recur, especially if compression instructions are not followed diligently.
  • Redness, itching, and irritation may develop as a reaction to tape, bandages, or compression stockings. Use hydrocortisone cream over the counter if you choose for the itching. 
  • Bruising or tenderness may occur, but it is generally mild and temporary.
  • Treatments may leave a residual brownish pigmentation. This is not uncommon, usually temporary, and generally resolves over weeks to months.

Contact us with any questions, concerns, or to book your next session. 619-329-2449