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Hydrafacial Aftercare Recommendations

Thank you for visiting Vitality Aesthetics for a hydrafacial! Please text or call us at 619-329-2449 for assistance booking or with other questions/concerns. 

The active ingredients used in our hydrafacials are potent yet gentle enough to allow for little to no downtime post treatment which means you can continue your day without any major changes. That being said, some redness is common during and immediately after treatment but dissipates within minutes or the hour depending on the individual. While less invasive, we do advise in taking special care throughout the days after for the most optimal results. 

-Refrain from washing your face for a few hours to ensure thorough product absorption & longer-lasting results.

-Avoid using any beauty products that contain exfoliating acids such as glycolic and salicylic, retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, scrubs and cleansing brushes for at least 48 hours. These can cause irritation, sensitivity and can strip the barrier of the skin. Think gentle and hydrating!

-Wait at least 7-10 days for another facial treatment to give face time to acclimate and regenerate. Enjoy your results!

-Wait 1 week before receiving any facial waxing, dermaplaning or other hair removal treatments. 

-Take extra care with sun exposure for the days following your HydraFacial. With any facial procedure your potential for sun sensitivity is slightly elevated for a few days after. Treatment or no treatment, we always strongly advise wearing sunscreen daily and reapplying every 2 hours during prolonged exposure.

-Skip the workout and relax! Reschedule your workout for another day (or work it in before the facial). The excessive heat and sweat post-treatment can cause irritation and inhibit your best result.

-While not likely, “purging” can sometimes happen after a HydraFacial treatment. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve reacted negatively. This is the skin’s natural reaction to a deep-cleansing treatment and can actually be positive. Think of it like a detox. Sometimes things get worse before they get better especially if you’re not as consistent with treatments. Keep skin clean, do not pick at skin (that can spread bacteria and cause more breakouts) and your complexion should clear up within 1-2 days. If it persists, please contact us with any concerns.

It is recommended for all skin types to enjoy this treatment monthly for optimal results. For certain skin conditions it may be necessary to consult with your esthetician for an exact treatment plan, timeline and appropriate take-home products based on skin goals.

Set up your next Hydrafacial here or book a skin consultation from the comfort of your home. 

Please text or call us at 619-329-2449 for assistance booking or with other questions/concerns.