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Before your PRP/PRF Treatment

To get the best results, we rely upon your blood sample the day of your treatment. In order to optimize the quality of the sample we obtain, please follow the instructions below:

For 72 hours prior to treatment:

- eat a healthy diet, high protein with lean meat, no refined sugars, low or no caffeinated beverages, increase water intake
- avoid blood thinners
- avoid turmeric, fish oil
- workout the day of treatment prior to your visit - this actually increases the quality of your platelets! 


  • expect 3-5 days of swelling 
  • no icing the area 
  • no NSAIDS/anti-inflammatory medications, no turmeric, no fish oil
  • skincare and makeup can be resumed after 24 hours
  • avoid hot tubs, saunas, workouts for 24 hrs after treatment

As always, contact us with any questions, at 619-329-2449