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Pro-Heal Serum


This beautiful, lightweight serum is your go-to remedy in times of any skin distress or need of healing. These powerful yet gentle ingredients work to calm, soothe and actually strengthen the skin barrier while delivering an essential moisture boost and radiance to your complexion. It is jam-packed with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, antimicrobial benefits and gets its lovely emerald green color from the wonders of chlorophyll. While this serum works for all skin types, it is especially beneficial for inflammatory conditions such as rosacea, acne, psoriasis, eczema and other skin ailments.

From breakouts to stubborn rosacea flare-ups, from unexpected sunburns to annoying bug bites, from itchy, dry skin patches to recovery from a recent chemical peel, Pro Heal is always a good one to have in your arsenal. 

May be applied immediately post procedure including after microneedling or IPL


Using at least a pea-size amount for the entire face, apply evenly onto cleansed skin before your favorite moisturizer, taking care around the eye area. Spot treat if needed. Can be used AM and/or PM.



  • Chlorophyll- aides in redness reduction but its star power is that it clarifies skin with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which helps speed up the healing process of acne and other skin conditions.
  • Hyaluronic Acid- to lock in moisture and soften the skin while remaining lightweight and non comedogenic.
  • Melatonin- that’s right…melatonin. Not just for sleep, this ingredient on the skin helps to improve tone and it's also shown evidence of antioxidant properties that rival that of vitamins C and E.
  • Willow Bark- antimicrobial benefits, aides in reduction of acne and helps alleviate stressful skin conditions.
  • Vitamin C- contains a low percentage so as to be tolerable by even sensitive skin types. Powerful antioxidant, stimulates collagen and brightens.
  • Natural additives- green tea, cucumber, thyme, elderberry, and echinacea to hydrate, calm and protect.


    It is obvious how powerful this serum is for a multitude of reasons but it is one of my favorite products to recommend for my clients dealing specifically with on-going or random bouts of acne. 

    At the root of acne is inflammation and bacteria. Pro Heal targets both! By addressing the inflammation, the skin can begin to heal. And when the skin is healed it becomes stronger, more resilient and more capable of fighting acne bacteria, responding to acne treatments, and subsequently becoming less susceptible to acne breakouts in general. 


    It is still crucial and necessary to have a proper at-home routine consisting of the basics (cleanser, exfoliator, hydrator, SPF) as well as regular professional treatments to get a clearing of clogged pores, oil and debris. But adding the Pro Heal provides you with an extremely supportive boost to give a more beneficial outcome to your acne journey. Like a healthy, vitamin-packed superfood smoothie for your pretty face!


    *for more info, read my blog entry talking all about acne and the role bacteria plays in it!



    Clinically tested. Naturally derived. Not tested on animals. Fragrance free. Dye free. Paraben free. Gluten free. Formaldehyde free. Propylene glycol and hexylene glycol free.


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