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HydraSheer Moisturizer

This sheer, oil-free moisturizer provides thorough hydration with soothing aloe vera, squalane, lipids and nourishing antioxidants. It provides a smoother, softer complexion without the heaviness and without clogging pores. HydraSheer is perfect for normal to oily or acne-prone skin types and for those that simply prefer a lighter feel during day-time (or nighttime) use.


  • Aloe Vera- plant derived, this ingredient does wonders for calming and soothing redness, inflammation and irritation and speeding up the healing process with skin.
  • Squalane + Glycerin- this ultra-hydrating pairing pulls moisture into the skin while forming a breathable barrier on the skin’s surface. It locks in that moisture, supporting continuous and optimal hydration long term.
  • Phospholipids- are emollients that mimic the skin’s natural lipids helping to lock in moisture to protect and prevent against a compromised skin barrier, all while aiding in the delivery of actives into the skin.
  • Liposome Encapsulated Vitamins A, C, E + CO-Q10- effectively delivers nutrients to the skin and provides ample antioxidant protection from free radical-induced skin damage.

    *non-comedogenic, oil-free, paraben free, gluten-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free, medical-grade skincare.


    On perfectly cleansed and toned skin and after your preferred serum (optional), apply a pea-sized amount evenly to entire face AM +/or PM. If applying daytime be sure to follow with sunscreen protection.


    All skin needs hydration…even the oily acneic types, even the dudes, and even the new-to-skincare preteens. This moisturizer is perfect for the beginners to a skin routine, the naysayers who think that moisturizers don’t help their skin or just clog it up or even just the ones that dont like to feel the “heavy layer” moisturizers leave behind. HydraSheer provides the skin with all the nutrients and moisture it needs without feeling the icks.

    This moisturizer is a personal win for me under make-up. It's often hard to find a moisturizer that quenches my skin’s thirst but also allows my make-up a nice canvas to stay in place and not feel greasy and cakey throughout the day. This is the one! (Just remember to add SPF for full protection during the daytime.)

    This is also my personal favorite for men or even teenagers new to skincare. The average man/teen prefers lighter-feeling products if they’re even going to consider using them at all. This product is perfect for providing all the nourishment and nutrients needed in their skin without that unwanted heaviness or greasiness they may have found in other products.

    Also, for combination skin types that kind of fluctuate with the seasons, I find that HydraSheer may be a good option in the warmer, more humid months while the brisker, colder months may call for a more rich moisturizer such as our Dream Cream.

    Advice by Katie Verboom, Licensed Aesthetician