When is the best time to treat my jawline?

In this digital age, we are exposed to so many images and faces each day.

We may grow more critical of our own as a result. 

Instead of focusing on the things that bug us when we look in the mirror, we can flip the script!

At Vitality, we love to highlight and accentuate what you love most about your face! Which aspects make you feel your best? A popular treatment today is Kybella, a fat dissolver that can be used to dissolve jowls and fat that obscures the jawline. A beautiful, sculpted jawline is seen as beautiful in both men and women.

If you are considering Kybella to enhance the jawline, read more about the details here

When should you do a treatment like this? Some social downtime is involved in many of our treatments. With Kybella, swelling occurs almost immediately and can last several days. The cold winter months are perfect for wrapping a scarf around the area. For many patients, swelling is resolved by day 4 or 5. Before long, you will notice a more angular, defined jawline. For more questions about this treatment, please contact the office