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Skinbetter Oxygen Infusion Wash

Multi-tasking cleanser with slow-releasing alpha hydroxy acids and an infusion of oxygen to purify and refresh.

Why You'll Love It: Refreshing cleanser for normal to oily skin or for those looking to enhance the benefits of their treatment products.

This product is soap and sulfate free, and all skinbetter science products are dermatologist tested, paraben free, fragrance free, dye free, and cruelty free.

  • Infuses a burst of skin-energizing oxygen for brighter-looking skin.
  • Features slow-releasing alpha hydroxy acids that instantly purify and refresh skin.
  • Removes makeup and oil build up and exfoliates skin.


While this product may gear more towards combination/oily or acneic skin types, it’s actually wonderful for all. It’s chock full of various AHAs and Salicylic acid but it’s quite gentle on the skin and doesn’t strip your barrier. 

For all skin types I recommend double cleansing. It’s necessary for a properly clean canvas. For heavy makeup-wearers or those exposed to a lot of environmental impurities I even recommend three, starting with an oil cleanser to remove the make up then double cleansing to actually cleanse the skin. 

So for our Oxygen Infusion Wash, the skin types that need more of a clearing of oil and impurities I’d do two cleanses with this wash. For more dry, sensitive skin types you can either alternate every other night with a milk or oil cleanser or each night do a first cleanse with milk/oil and second cleanse with the Oxygen Infusion Wash. 

In print this may seem excessive but it’ll make more sense when you get in the routine. Also, getting a thorough proper cleanse ensures all of your other beautiful skincare products you have invested in will work better for you! 

How to Use

  • Use as part of your morning and evening skincare regimen. Apply a generous amount to damp skin.
  • Massage gently with fingertips and rinse with warm water.
  • Protect with sunbetter sunscreen during the day for additional skincare benefits.


  • Glycolic acid- an AHA derived from sugarcane, glycolic acid is great for dissolving the intercellular glue that holds our dead skin cells together and facilitates sloughing of dead skin. It improves texture and smoothness while increasing the skin’s ability to bind to water.
  • Lactic acid-  an AHA that increases cell turnover to eliminate dead skin cells, work on texture, discoloration and fine lines while helping to keep the complexion naturally hydrated. Suitable for even sensitive skin types.
  • Salicylic acid- a BHA known for its ability to control oil, act as an antiseptic and speed up cell turnover, leaves the skin clearer, resurfaced and free of breakouts.
  • Malic acid- an AHA naturally derived from apples, malic acid helps improve texture, fine lines and clear pores while providing a brightening effect to the complexion.
  • Tocopherol- is the most biologically active form of vitamin E which is an antioxidant with anti inflammatory, healing benefit that supports the skin’s natural barrier.