Body care that will leave you feeling great naked

We take amazing care of our faces, with products and treatments that leave it fresh and pampered. We can’t forget that our bodies deserve the same attention and care! Not to mention that the sun and environmental toxins do damage to the body as well as the face! 

Here are a few of our favorite picks when it comes to body care.

1. Brightening Wash from Revision Skincare

Touted as a facewash, this potent glycolic cleanser does wonders to exfoliate away dull skin leaving it smooth and supple. We keep ours in the shower and use in any areas that are prone to body acne. 

2. Phlur Sandara Body Lotion

This plant-powered body lotion is loaded with nourishing aloe vera, and it smells like heaven! Inspired by the redwoods, the rich, meditative scent of this lotion will usher in calm, while softening the skin with camellia and rosehip oils.

3. Smoothe Body Lotion by Vitality Aesthetic

Our own antioxidant-rich body lotion also contains retinoids to soften bumps and roughness at every curve, ceramides to prevent moisture-loss, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate deeply. It’s truly anti-aging for every inch of your skin. As with any retinoid, be aware of the need for SPF, and don’t use this right before going in the sun. 

Hopefully you are inspired to treat your body just as well as you treat your face! Enjoy your new self care rituals for body care! And, leave us a comment about your favorite body care items and rituals.