Believe the Hype: Why PRP Microneedling is the Only Facial You Need

When it comes to facials, PRP microneedling is the MVP. Popularized by the

Kardashians, the infamous “vampire facial” is a minimally invasive treatment effective for a

variety of skin concerns. PRP microneedling resurfaces, tightens, and brightens without

incisions, stitches, and downtime.

Microneedling is an effective method for resurfacing the skin and stimulating your

body’s own collagen production. Collagen is the backbone of the skin. As we age, our body

becomes less effective in producing collagen and can lead to changes in tone and texture.

Microneedling uses a special device with fine needle tips that punctures the skin at depths of 0.5

– 2.5 mm (less than the length of a ballpoint pen tip). Each tiny puncture creates a micro-injury,

which signals the body to release growth factors that stimulate collagen production. By

resurfacing the most superficial layer of the skin while penetrating deeper layers, microneedling

is more effective than traditional facials in addressing hyperpigmentation and acne scars.

The benefits of microneedling are supercharged by the addition of platelet-rich plasma, or

PRP. Prior to the treatment, your blood is drawn and placed into a centrifuge. This separates the

PRP from the red and white blood cells. PRP is highly concentrated in stem cells and growth

factors responsible for tissue repair, collagen growth, and elastin production within the body.

Microneedling delivers PRP’s superpowers deeper into the skin to optimize resurfacing and

rejuvenation. The combination of microneedling and PRP creates firmer, brighter, and smoother

skin from the inside out.

PRP microneedling is a powerful addition to any skincare routine. It is safe and effective

for all skin colors and treats skin concerns of all ages. Are you interested in smoother, more

radiant skin? Set up a free consultation with one of our skincare experts to learn more about how

PRP microneedling can help your reach your skin goals.